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By young people, for young people. Changing the lives of young and disadvantaged people through the power of employment and entrepreneurship
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Our Mission

AKR. Aspiration. Knowledge. Resilience.

Inspired by Akshay’s personal goals around revolutionising support for the disadvantaged people; championing and supporting employability skills training, on the job learning and self-employment – we are here to challenge youth mindsets around work, for the better.

We are an empathy-driven, social impact recruitment organisation that support young and disadvantaged people into work through employment, traineeships and apprenticeships – and direct employability/self-employed skills training. In just one year, we have indirectly brought together over 1,000 job vacancies and over 800 employers to thrive, together. Alongside this work, we also support SMEs through various cost-free support programmes under the “AKR Growth Hub”, ranging from legal to financial.

We are “by young people, for young people”.

We recognise. No. We thrive on understanding, supporting and growing our community of young people and our community of small businesses and through our work, plan to be agents of timeless, intergenerational change. Welcome to AKR.


SME & Startup Consultancy

Our SME & Start-up consultancy services help businesses to pinpoint scopes for efficiency and growth through unconventional channels, for instance, by claiming government grants such as R&D Tax Credits if they have a high expenditure on bespoke software development.

Here’s a brief overview of the areas in which can we provide this multidimensional support:

Digital Marketing & IT
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • PPC (Paid Ads)
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation
  • Content creation & Social Media Management
  • Automations & software development

  • Bookkeeping
  • Setting up & managing PAYE payroll
  • Tax returns
  • R&D Tax Credits (tax exemptions from the government for research expenditure)
  • IR35

Financial Consulting
  • Corporate tax & pensions
  • Estate planning
  • Fundraising – Crowdcube campaign support
  • Business insurance, employee insurance & life insurance

Legal Consulting
  • Free 10-point legal audit to assess & troubleshoot potential liabilities
  • Shareholder agreements
  • GDPR compliance
  • Employee contracts
  • Mergers & Acquisitions process support

AKR Community

The AKR Community is a unique platform we have put in place to allow businesses to network with each other despite these tough times, and as a way for them to share their experiences, resources and mutually benefit from this. Our Managing Director Akshay founded Doorsteps, the 3rd largest online estate agency in the UK, when he was just 17, and has a lot of insight into the effort, resources and mindset it takes to grow your business, and he’d love to impart this knowledge to the AKR Community.

Employer Incentives

  • Alongside Kickstart, we are offering the businesses in our network access to a variety of apprenticeships/traineeships.
  • This is a great way to supplement Kickstart, and a way to upskill existing staff, providing them with the opportunity to work towards a meaningful qualification and improve their long-term career prospects!
  • You can have up to 10 trainees and 10 apprentices at any given time.

See below for a breakdown of the schemes.


  • Candidates aged 19-24
  • Candidates must be NEET – not in employment, education or training
  • £1,000 employer incentive, paid 14 days after the traineeship ends
  • No training cost
  • No wages paid
  • Level 2 employability certificate
  • 70 to 100 hours of unpaid work experience


  • Candidates aged 16-64
  • Can be new hires AND existing staff
  • £3,000 employer incentive for new hires, paid 3 months after the candidate starts training
  • 5% contribution towards training costs, if candidate is aged 19 or over
  • Apprenticeship wage for 1st year, NMW for their age bracket after that
  • NVQ Level 2 to 8
  • 6 to 36 month courses, with a 4 day on 1 day off ratio to allow candidates to work towards NVQ

Due to our diverse panel of providers, we can provide apprenticeship/traineeship programs for the following sectors:

  • Agriculture, environmental and animal care
  • Business and administration
  • Care services
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Construction
  • Creative and design
  • Digital
  • Education and childcare
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Hair and beauty
  • Health and science
  • Legal, finance and accounting
  • Protective services
  • Sales, marketing and procurement
  • Transport and logistics

We tend to find that these are the most common roles we get requested to deliver:

  • Customer Service – (Level 2/3)
  • Accounts/Finance – Assistant (Level 2/3)
  • Digital Marketing – (Level 3)
  • Health & Social Care (Level 2/3/5)
  • Business Admin (Level 2/3)
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Analyst (Level 3)

Next Steps

If you feel either of these programmes are suitable for you, you can book a further consultation with our Training Manager Sanjay.

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I submitted my Kickstarter programme request for Bimble through AKR Growth Ventures, who we selected as the approved gateway company to work with. My contact person at AKR Growth Ventures is Mohammed Awais. From the start, Mohammed made the process very easy for me. He explained the system the government has put in place and answered all my questions. It has been very easy to manage and I have felt supported. We are now through the first stages and hoping to see some CVs very soon!
Julia Mallaby
Julia Mallaby - Co-founder of Bimble
From the first time of watching Akshay being interviewed on BBC, through to personally interviewing him recently about his entrepreneurial journey I have witnessed an individual who is driven, determined and resilient. Akshay isn’t afraid to roll his sleeves up, he openly shares his experiences and I cannot wait to see what milestones he achieves in the next few years, as I’m pretty the average person would take a lifetime to do the same.
Sharon Rai
Entrepreneur Development Manager - Natwest
Akshay's remarkable story is one of tenacity, grit and determination. Akshay is not one to be deterred by hindrances and hardships. He has viewed each obstacle as an opportunity which led to the setting up of Doorsteps.co.uk. Much has been said about Akshay’s success to date, but not enough about the tremendous hard work he puts in each day. My interactions have revealed a very mature, intelligent, enthusiastic and energetic young man who works tirelessly with lots of passion. Akshay won the Tenacious Property and Construction Award Under 20 at the 21st Century Icon Awards in 2017. This was against... Read More
Tarun Ghulati
President & CEO - 21st Century Icon Awards
I came across Akshay through his appearance on This Morning in which he discussed his motivation for starting Doorsteps and the personal adversity he had overcome. I remember showing the video to my family and friends as I found it to be truly inspirational. Running a youth entrepreneurship conference, I knew Akshay would be the perfect speaker as not only is his story inspirational but he is also young enough for a teenage audience to relate to him easily. I was delighted when he agreed to fly over to Belfast to speak at the event, and can easily say he... Read More
Adam Flanagan
Future Summits/Prospect 100

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